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8 Best Bench Vises For 2018, Craftsmen Must Buy

Best Bench Vises

For making woodworking and metalworking effortless we are here with the best bench vise of 2018. A bench vise is a necessary tool that attracted to a workbench or a table. It holds the workpiece during sawing, planning, and drilling. The working process of a bench vise is simple enough to understand. It has two flat jaws that brought together with a screw.

A bench vise is a versatile tool yet it is underrated. However, for working in wood, metal and other materials this is a mandatory tool. If you need precision in your work it is a must.

A good bench vise is a heavy steel made tool that will serve you a lifetime. The price of a bench vise is not that much. But the problem is that out there you will find a variety of options. Among those which are the best bench vise that’s the ultimate question. In this article, we will remove all your confusion with appropriate information. Let’s take the tour.

Bench Vise: What to consider closely?

Though it seems straightforward to purchase a bench vise but believe me it is not that simple. You have to consider a variety of things for the ultimate deal. Basically, construction, the system of use, safety etc are the most common thing to consider. You also have to consider the materials, size, jaw options and of course the price. Today we will try clear all the complexities step by step. Let’s start:

Vises Type

The Vises comes in a variety of vises available in the market including metalworking vise, engineer’s vise, machinist’s vise and so on. But all of those are the kind of bench vise. Let’s see some useful bench vise type.

Woodworking Vise: Those are usually attached to the bench with steel or iron made jaws.

Metalworking Vise: Those are for blacksmith’s work. Those are strongest like the beast. It was partly attached to the workbench with legs that stand on the floor.

Jeweler’s or Watchmaker’s vises: those are smaller and lightweight particularly designed for the watchmakers and jewelers. Those are capable of bench vise clamp at multiple angles.

Out there you can also see handheld vises and machine vises. Those are used with pillar drills and milling machines. Basically, woodworking and engineering vises are the most familiar type. You have to pick the vise according to your project type.

Built quality

There are a variety of bench vises available in the market with different construction quality. You have to purchase one that is made of highest quality material. Otherwise, it won’t last.

Consider Sizes

Well, vise comes in a variety of sizes for cover almost every project. However, you also determine the size according to your need. For example, if you want to work with watches or pieces of jewelry you have to have a smaller bench vise. But if you need a bench vise for large woodworking or metal working project you have to purchase one of the biggest models. The preference is yours to make. You have to choose the size according to your need. That’s all.

Safely and Security

A bench vise works as the third hand of the person by keeping the object in place. If you don’t have any bench then you will never be able to work with both hands. It is required in home, garage, or in the workshop. It is a day to day tool so you have to consider the safety carefully. It can lead you to any kind of accident anytime. Check whether the vise has all the safety feature included or not. If not you have to consider otherwise. However, all the bench vise in our list has all the safety feature included.

Best Bench Vise Reviews: Our Top Picks

Making a list of 8 bench vise was a severe task. Why? There are tons of options to choose from. We had to pass an exhausting week. We testified some products in our lab. Also, consult with some experts and read thousands of customer’s opinions. Finally, our tools experts finalized those 8. So, why are you waiting for? Let’s check out the best bench vice reviews quickly.

Yost Vises 445 4.5″ Utility Combination Pipe and Bench Vise

Yost Vises 445 Bench Vise

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Yost Vises 445 4.5 Utility Combination Pipe and Bench Vise come with 4.5 inches of nominal jaw width and 0.125 inches to 2-inch diameter pipe capacity. It provides outstanding clamping action for light-duty applications. However, the construction quality of this bench vise is flawlessly outstanding without highest quality materials. It is suitable for a lifetime use. However, the price is not that much as well. Pick it before the stock turns out.

Key features

  • 5-inch nominal jaw width
  • 125 inches to 2 inches diameter pipe
  • Comes with 360-degree swivel base adjustment facility
  • Comfortable handle with rubber washer
  • Cast iron body
  • Features steel U channel bar
  • Durable construction

Wilton 11104 Bench Vise

Wilton 11104 Bench Vise

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You don’t have to worry about the durability of the Wilton 11104 Bench Vise! It is considered as one of the strongest bench vises of the present time WITH heavy duty steel construction. Not only that it works like a champ with perfectly located jaws. Therefore, it has double lockdown swivel base included that offers maximum security to the users. Also, it has anvil work surface that is large in size. The price is also not prohibitive.  Pick for a lifetime and make your work ease.

Key features

  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • Features double lockdown swivel base
  • Has long anvil work surface
  • Safe and secure to operate
  • Best for the money.

HFS (TM) Brand 5″ Heavy Duty Bench Vise

HFS (TM) Brand Heavy Duty Bench Vise

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What makes the HFS Brand Bench Vise unique from other traditional products? Obviously, it is outstanding quality construction! For the construction quality, nothing can beat this beast. It is constructed of premium quality cast steel. So, it will last a lifetime that’s for sure. Apart from the construction, this one has much more to talk about. For example the performance! It works just perfect with power serrated steel jaws and clamps. It offers amazing grip and strength in times of clamps. The price of the product is also quite reasonable for such quality. Hurry up the stock is going to end soon.

Key features

  • Heavy-duty construction of cast steel
  • Features power serrated steel jaws
  • Offers amazing grip and strength to work
  • Comes with incredible clamping power
  • Has double locking swivel base
  • Features forged steel jaw

TEKTON 4-Inch Swivel Bench Vise

TEKTON 4-Inch Swivel Bench Vise

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TEKTON has its own reputation, to maintain. They are providing quality tools for over years. And they aim to satisfy their customers completely. This TEKTON Swivel Bench Vise is another example of their awesome class. It is constructed of cast iron that has 30000 PSI tensile strength. The bench vise also has serrated steel jaws that hold workpiece without any slipping problem. Besides, the base can swivel 120 degrees with dual lock down nuts. The workbench will stay in position with 3 mounting holes as well. overall, it is an amazing product to have in such price range.

Key features

  • Comes with cast iron construction
  • Has 30000 PSI tensile strength
  • 120-degree swivel base included
  • Features replaceable serrated steel jaws
  • Keeps the workbench secure with 3 mounting holes

Yost Vises 455 5.5″ Utility Combination Pipe and Bench Vise

Yost Vises 455 Bench Vise

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One of the best bench vises of the present time is considered as the Yost Vises 455! The reason is simple. It works like the champ and constructed like a beast. It offers outstanding clamping action to light duty applications. However, it is also constructed with premium quality materials for a long-lasting durability. It even has the ability to last a lifetime! I am not joking. However, it has 360-degree swivel base that will let you adjust the position of the jaws. Overall, it is a good product in such price range.

Key features

  • Comes with 5.5-inch nominal jaw width
  • 125″- to 2.5″-diameter pipe capacity
  • Adjustable 360-degree swivel base
  • cast iron body with steel U-channel bar
  • Replaceable top jaws

Rubber washers included Olympia

Olympia Tool 38-604 4-Inch Bench Vise

Olympia Tool Bench Vise

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Are you worried about the price? Don’t worry the Olympia Tool 38-604 Bench Vise isn’t cost much. But the quality it has will definitely blow up your mind. At first let me talk about the construction quality. It is made of highest quality materials with powdered coated finish and body solid olympic bench. So, guess how many years it will last! However, it also has heavily reinforced 4 lug base that will keep it stable during work. Therefore, the base can swivel 270 degree for more working convenience. It is also considered as another best bench vice for the money.


Key feature

  • Heavily built
  • Powder coated finish
  • Featured strong and replaceable jaw face
  • Has permanent pipe jaws
  • 4 lug included
  • Inexpensive

Yost LV-4 Home Vise

Yost LV-4 Home Vise

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What makes the best bench vise? Obviously, good construction and performance. this Yost LV-4 has both the two qualities. It can serve like a champion. Besides, the construction quality of this product is superior with premium quality materials. However, it is cast iron made product. So, I don’t need to tell much about the durability. You can realize by yourself. This swivel vise is the perfect choice for best weight bench set for the home workshop. It has the ability to swivel up to 240 degrees. It also features steel jaws, threaded spindle assembly, and lockdown. Overall, it is an amazing option to have.

Key feature

  • The Yost LV-4 is a 4-1/2-Inch swivel base vise is ideal for home shop
  • Feature cast iron featuring steel vise jaws,
  • Comes with threaded spindle assembly and a lockdown
  • Rotated up to 240- coat.
  • Has Improved Base Design to Reduce side to side movement

Wilton 63302 6-Inch Shop Vise

Wilton 63302 Shop Vise

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The Wilton 63302 is another best Bench Vise of the present time. Like all the above bench vises it is also heavily constructed. It is actually a product designed for the long run with 25000 pounds casting. Also, it has 4 strong lug bases that will keep it stable during work. It also has all the safety feature included. I am sure it will prove to be beneficial for you in the long run,

Key features

  • 360 Degrees Swivel Base,
  • Double Lock Downs & Point Base Mounting
  • 25,000 PSI Casting Strength
  • Rubber Pinch Point Safety Guards
  • Easy gliding U channel
  • Comes with 4 lug base design


Best Bench Vice/Vise – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is bench Vise?

A: A Bench Vise is a wood or metal working essential. It provides working stability by holding the workpiece firmly. However, a bench vise is a strong and large tool that serves a lifetime.

Q: What is the best bench Vise Brands?

A: Yost Tools, WILTON, TEKTON, Olympia Tools those are considered as the best bench vise brands of the present time. They always maintain their quality in performance and construction. You can pick one from any of those.

Q: Does a bench vise cost much?

A: Yes and no. some of the bench vises is a bit pricey where some other doesn’t cost much. Actually, the price varies from brand to brand. But it is sure that you will get one of the best bench vises in your budget limit.

How To Use a Bench Vise



Wrap Up

If you reach in this portion of the article I guess you get a clear idea regarding bench vise. We discussed the best bench vise reviews and some essential buying factors. So, it is totally up to you now. We believe there is no other bench vise available in the market that are comparable with the above 10.

It is always a wise decision to pick a well-constructed product from a trusted manufacturer. Besides, you have considered the safety feature carefully. After all the safety is the utmost priority to everyone.

In a nutshell, if you pick the best bench vise according to construction, safety and performance, you can complete your project faster. So, make the wise decision and pick the right one according to your need. we are wrapping up now. See you soon with lots of other well-researched product reviews and tips. Till then:

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